The Adopt-an-Apartment program is an opportunity to support residents of the RCI Village as they transition out of homelessness and housing instability. By sponsoring one of our apartments, you can help meet the current and future needs of our residents and ensure that they succeed and thrive in their new homes.

Why do apartments need to be “adopted”?

  • The RCI Village provides safe, stable housing for very low-income residents of Allentown. Rent for our apartments is set at a low rate relative to other housing in the area ($650/month for a 1-bedroom apartment, including all utilities). For many of our residents, though, $650 is still out of reach. The adopt-an-apartment program helps to further subsidize the cost of housing for residents who need a little extra help in getting settled and staying housed.

How does the Adopt-an-Apartment program work?

  • Adopt-an-Apartment sponsorships are set at $200 per month, or $2400 per year.

  • Individuals, churches, social groups, or other organizations commit to sponsoring an apartment for one year.

  • Donations are used to supplement the rent and related housing costs for an RCI Village resident who needs extra financial assistance. Sponsors make a tax-deductible donation to RCI, and RCI then pays a portion of the adopted apartment’s rent each month, directly to the landlord.

Will I know which apartment I’m adopting?

  • No, not specifically, for a couple of reasons. First, we want to respect our residents’ privacy and safety, and so we don’t share their names or addresses. Second, sometimes RCI Village residents need extra assistance when they first move into their apartments, but their needs change over time (if they start a new job that increases their income, for example). In those cases, the sponsorship funds will be used to support another resident in need.

How did you come up with the sponsorship amount?

  • A sponsorship of $200 per month allows us to effectively lower the rent on an apartment from $650 per month to $450 per month, making that apartment accessible to residents whose income is extremely limited.

  • In general, we strive to keep housing costs below what is known as the “rent-reasonable threshold”, which is defined as 80% of household income. When housing costs are below 80% of a household’s income, there is still enough money to manage other basic expenses (such as food) and minor emergencies. Anything above 80% means that the household is constantly in a financially precarious situation, where something as simple as a day of work missed due to illness can cause them to lose their housing.

How do I sign up?