What's the story of your life in Allentown?

We started a Photovoice project at the Community Building Center this week. If you aren't familiar with photovoice, it's a technique that allows people to tell their stories or address a common concern by taking photos, sharing the experiences captured in the photos, and, in some cases, collaborating for change. Photovoice starts with a prompt or a question that guides participants in taking photos. After discussing several possible options as a group, we decided on "Tell us the story of your life in Allentown." We will be using cameras to respond to this prompt over the next week, doing our best to capture our unique histories, hopes, challenges, activities, and interests in 27 frames on a disposable 35mm camera. Stayed tuned to see what we find!

We also want to send a big thank you to Sheri Bayne who took time our of her day to share her expertise and answer all our questions about what makes a good photo. Thanks so much, Sheri!