I got BINGO!

At RCI Village, we not only provide affordable housing, but we also create a community environment where neighbors get to know each other and we have fun. Getting to know your neighbors makes you feel safe, gives you a sense of belonging, and an opportunity for people to socialize who often feel isolated and alone. Since we started our community events, we have seen a shift in how our residents interact. They are much more open and welcoming to each other; willing to share and support one another. Our neighbors are so grateful to get out of their apartments and have fun with new friends. While some residents have yet to attend the events, we know the excitement and sense of community will continue to grow so that they too will want to join. So far we have had a pizza night, a movie night, cookie decorating, and now bingo. As the pictures show, everyone appreciated the prizes they won and had a good time together. We will continue to provide community events for our residents and watch as a sense of belonging is nurtured.

A shout out goes to our partner, First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, who brought bingo and some great prizes for our residents! Thank you!